Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Zero in Five Land - Welcome

With midnight inspiration comes morning desperation. For sleep. Heh heh.

Welcome to the new blog of N0SSC -- ARRL Youth Editor, EE degree seeker, Very Large Array intern, and among other things, a radio amateur. Ideas have been flowing from my mind into thin air, so I have done up this blog to start to capture them.

I'm a zero in five land. My call sign - N0SSC, shows that I am from zero-land: the ham radio call district that makes up most of the midwest. Due to my internship, i've been displaced to New Mexico, which is in the fifth call district - 5 land.

So, this blog will focus on my ham radio activities while in New Mexico, as well as my internship at the Very Large Array. I have a lot of fun stories to share!

Stay tuned for more! For now, follow me on your favorite social networking site -- just google N0SSC and you'll find me.

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